Beautiful city, Kobe
Beautiful city, Kobe  美丽的神户      
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"The best Breakfast in the World" at Kobe Kitano Hotel

Kobe is the most cosmopolitan of Japanese cities. In the chic district of Kitano, foreigners who settled here from the 19th century onwards built residences in the style of their distant homelands. A French lifestyle is very much in evidence in this fine red brick building that is testimony to an entire chapter of Japan’s history. There is a courtyard and interior garden, elegant décor and, above all, the cuisine of Hiroshi Yamaguchi, who is skilled in the art of sublime dishes. On the menu is the famous fugu and its soft roe in crunchy potatoes, caramelised salsify and vegetable jus, or the incomparable Kobe beef in a salt crust. Especially their breakfast is amazing. It's called "The Best Breakfast in the World"


Kitano-chō or Kitano Ijinkan is a historical district in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, which contains a number of foreign residences from the late Meiji and early Taishō eras of Japanese history. While the term ijinkan can refer to any foreign residence of this period in Japan, it usually refers to those of Kitano given the number and high concentration of those that remain. Ijinkan districts exist in other locales (notably Hakodate and Nagasaki), but due to war and natural disasters, these districts are not as well preserved.

Kitano Koubou

Building retro utilizing the original school building elementary school, shopping and tour spots gourmet experience, craft, fashion, and beauty, Kobe brand 21 studio has entered. You can buy original products not only here, you can experience the craftsmanship in the studio, there is a meeting with the person who was full of feelings and warmth of the handmade. They also hold various events.


Mausoleum was dedicated to military commander, Guan Yu of the Three Kingdoms famous as the God of goods. Hengaku listed in the main gate of the entrance of the "TOTAL Duc" is due to the (former secretary of Chiang Kai-shek) calligrapher, responsibility famous worldwide. Chinese atmosphere drifts such as the main hall which arranged the image of the Blue Dragon in tile imperial color the same inner gate that was likened to the Story "waterfall climbing carp" of (stepping-stone), the Forbidden City of Beijing, the site of the temple.

China Town

One of Japan's three major Chinatown Yokohama Chinatown, with Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown "Chinatown". A variety of Chinese food store, miscellaneous goods, such as food is a tourist area of popular links the eaves. Check out a variety of events because they are held throughout the year such as the Mid-Autumn Festival Chinese New Year Festival, in October or September to February or January. Please come and enjoy the Chinatown has been popular is loved by people of Kobe for a long time.



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