Tofuku-ji temple
Tofuku-ji temple  东福寺      
 登録済  登録済  エラー

エリア:東山区   観光 タイプ: 寺院・神社・城

  おすすめ時期: オールシーズン

  観光 ジャンル: 日本の文化・政治・歴史


  • 日本の文化・政治・歴史

Tofuku-ji is famous for its brilliant colored leaves and is extremely crowded in late November.

The Rinzai-sect Buddhist temple has excellent modern karesansui gardens that were laid out in 1939 by SHIGEMORI Mirei (1896-1975). Its San-mon gate is the oldest of its kind and a national treasure. The big Zen temple also has several structures that are important cultural properties.


KUJO Michiie (1193-1252), the then most powerful statesman, started construction of the biggest temple in Kyoto in 1236 to pray for the soul of his late grandfather. He named the temple Tofuku-ji by taking kanji characters from two great temples in Nara, namely Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji. The construction was completed 19 years later in 1255. They asked successfully the Priest Shoichi (En'ni Ben'nen, 1202-1280) to be the Founder in 1243.

Most of the buildings were reduced to ashes during successive fires in the years 1319, 1334 and 1336. Butsu-den (Buddha hall) was rebuilt in 1347.

In 1881, Hojo, Butsu-den, Hatto (a lecture hall of Zen sects) and Kuri were destroyed by an accidental fire. Hojo and Kuri were rebuilt in the year 1890 and 1910 respectively. They started to build Hondo that doubles as Butsu-den and Hatto in 1917 and completed in 1934.

How to get to Tofuku-ji

2 minutes from Kyoto Station to Tofuku-ji station by JR Lines, then 10 minutes on foot.

11 minutes from Kyoto Station to Tofuku-ji bus stop by Kyoto City Bus 208, then 10 minutes on foot.

5 minutes from Gion-Shijo station to Tofuku-ji station by Keihan Railway line, then 10 minutes on foot.

7 minutes from Gion-Shijo station to Toba-Kaido station by Keihan Railway line, then 5 minutes on foot.

Hours and Admission

All except November: 9:00-16:00 (reception will be closed at 15:30)
November: 8:30-16:30 (reception will be closed at 16:00)
Hojo is closed December 29 - January 3.

Admission for Tsuten-kyo and Kaisan-do/Fumon-in garden:
High school students and older: 400 yen
Junior high school students (7th - 9th graders) and younger: 300 yen

Admission for Hojo:
Same amounts as Tsuten-kyo.


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